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Student Support Counselors

First Step is the name given to the at-risk counseling program in the Mansfield Independent School District. The First Step program provides five Student Support Counselors who work under the direction of the Director of Guidance & Counseling.

They are housed at our five comprehensive high schools. Each Student Support Counselor provides assistance to identified at-risk students at the high schools and their nearby K-8 campuses. The Student Support Counselors provide short-term therapeutic counseling & drug and alcohol prevention services to any referred student as well as transition assistance to students assigned to the Behavior Intervention Center (BIC) and Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Program (JJAEP).

Lori Cook (M.Ed., LPC, NCC)
Office: Lake Ridge High School
Phone: 682-314-0380
Campuses Served:

  • High Schools: LRHS
  • Middle Schools: Danny Jones
  • Intermediate Schools: Mary Lillard
  • Elementary Schools: Anna May Daulton, Judy K. Miller, Cora Spencer, Elizabeth Smith

Christine Dawkins (MSW, LCSW)
Office: Mansfield High School
Phone: 682-314-0183
Campuses Served:

  • High Schools: MHS
  • Middle Schools: Brooks Wester, Rogene Worley
  • Intermediate Schools: Asa Low, Mary Orr
  • Elementary Schools: J.L. Boren, Willie Brown, Erma Nash, Martha Reid

Cassandra Rowe (M.A., LPC)
Office: Timberview High School
Phone: 682-314-1529
Campuses Served:

  • High Schools: THS
  • Middle Schools: James Coble
  • Intermediate Schools: Della Icenhower
  • Elementary Schools: Janet Brockett, Imogene Gideon, Thelma Jones, Louise Cabaniss

James Bedwell (M.Ed., LPC)
Office: Legacy High School
Phone: 682-314-0674
Campuses Served:

  • High Schools: LHS
  • Middle Schools: Linda Jobe
  • Intermediate Schools: Donna Shepard
  • Elementary Schools: Alice Ponder, Mary Jo Sheppard, Tarver-Rendon, Nancy Neal, Annette Perry

Shani Grigsby (M.A., LPC, LPC-S)
Office: Summit High School
Phone: 682-314-0938
Campuses Served:

  • High Schools: SHS
  • Middle Schools: T.A. Howard
  • Intermediate Schools: Cross Timbers
  • Elementary Schools: Charlotte Anderson, Kenneth Davis, Glenn Harmon, Carol Holt, D.P. Morris, Elizabeth Smith, Roberta Tipps

Chissy Jackson (LCSW)
Office: The Phoenix Academy
Phone: 682-314-1761
Campuses Served:

  • High Schools: Ben Barber Innovation Academy/Frontier High School
  • Middle Schools: As needed
  • Intermediate Schools: As needed
  • Elementary Schools: As needed