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Student Support Counselors

First Step is the name given to the at-risk counseling program in the Mansfield Independent School District. The First Step program provides six Student Support Counselors who work under the direction of the Director of Guidance & Counseling.

Student support counselors are credentialed professionals who provide short-term therapeutic counseling and crisis intervention for students in need. These counselors are housed at our high schools but also deliver services at nearby K-8 campuses.

You can also visit the Student Support 24/7 page to view support resources for students around the clock.

Lori Cook (M.Ed., LPC, NCC)
Phone: 682-314-0380
Campuses Served:

  • High Schools: LRHS
  • Middle Schools: Danny Jones
  • Intermediate Schools: Mary Lillard
  • Elementary Schools: Anna May Daulton, Judy K. Miller, Cora Spencer, Elizabeth Smith

Kim Lovelace
Phone: 682-314-0183
Campuses Served:

  • High Schools: MHS
  • Middle Schools: Brooks Wester, Rogene Worley
  • Intermediate Schools: Asa Low, Mary Orr
  • Elementary Schools: J.L. Boren, Willie Brown, Erma Nash, Martha Reid

Andrea Smith-Love
Phone: 682-314-1529
Campuses Served:

  • High Schools: THS
  • Middle Schools: James Coble
  • Intermediate Schools: Della Icenhower
  • Elementary Schools: Janet Brockett, Imogene Gideon, Thelma Jones, Louise Cabaniss

Amy Andra (M.Ed., LPC, RPT)
Phone: 682-314-0674
Campuses Served:

  • High Schools: LHS
  • Middle Schools: Linda Jobe
  • Intermediate Schools: Donna Shepard
  • Elementary Schools: Alice Ponder, Mary Jo Sheppard, Tarver-Rendon, Nancy Neal, Annette Perry

Shani Grigsby (M.A., LPC, LPC-S)
Phone: 682-314-0938
Campuses Served:

  • High Schools: SHS
  • Middle Schools: T.A. Howard
  • Intermediate Schools: Cross Timbers
  • Elementary Schools: Charlotte Anderson, Kenneth Davis, Glenn Harmon, Carol Holt, D.P. Morris, Elizabeth Smith, Roberta Tipps

Chissy Jackson (LCSW)
Phone: 682-314-1761
Campuses Served:

  • High Schools: The Phoenix Academy/Behavior Intervention Center and Ben Barber Innovation Academy/Frontier High School
  • Middle Schools: As needed
  • Intermediate Schools: As needed
  • Elementary Schools: As needed