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Foreign Exchange Students

The MISD foreign exchange program provides students from other countries the opportunity to learn about the history of the United States, the working of our government and to become more fluent in both the written and spoken English language. Students are encouraged to take an active part in the academic process and to experience the social culture of youth in the MISD.

Enrollment & Eligibility Guidelines - Guidelines are provided to assist foreign exchange organizations, foreign exchange students and host families in understanding the District’s foreign exchange program. Read the Enrollment & Eligibility Guidelines

The Placement Process - The foreign exchange organization representative shall contact the MISD Director of Guidance & Counseling after March 1 and prior to August 1 to inquire whether any openings are available at a particular high school.

  • Placements will be made on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Waiting lists will not be maintained to hold a request for enrollment.
  • Only completed documentation will be accepted and only if the waiver limit (five per high school per year) has not been met.
  • Read about The Placement Process

Application for Enrollment
For further information, please contact Jennifer Powers, Director of Guidance and Counseling
at JenniferPowers@misdmail.org or 817-299-6363.