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Education Academy

(partnership with Texas Wesleyan University)

The Education Academy is a partnership between MISD and Texas Wesleyan University specifically designed for students interested in pursuing a future in elementary education (EC-6).

Beginning in the 10th grade, students will follow a cohort of classes that will yield 52 college hours while still in high school.

High school graduates that successfully complete this program will be admitted into Texas Wesleyan and into their University Teacher Preparation Program.

Academy Cohort Model

Students begin yielding credit for college courses beginning their sophomore year. Courses will be conducted at the student's home campus, Ben Barber Innovation Academy and/or online.

Sophomore Year Spring Courses

  • TCC Intro to Speech (SPCH 1311) @ Ben Barber
  • Texas Wesleyan - Intro to World Religion @ Ben Barber

Sophomore Year Summer Courses

  • TCC Psychology (2301) @ Ben Barber
  • Texas Wesleyan - Fine Arts for Teachers (EDU 2208) @ online only

Junior Year Fall Courses

  • TCC English Composition I (ENGL 1301) @ home campus
  • TCC U.S. History I (HIST 1301) @ home campus

Junior Year Spring Courses

  • TCC English Composition II (ENGL 1302) @ home campus
  • TCC U.S. History II (HIST 1302) @ home campus
  • Texas Wesleyan - Health & P.E. for Elementary Teachers (EXS 2201) @ Ben Barber
  • Texas Wesleyan - Foundations of Education (EDU 2100) @ Ben Barber

Junior Year Summer Courses

  • TCC Texas Government (GOVT 2305) @ Ben Barber
  • TCC Economics (ECON 2301) @ Ben Barber

Senior Year Fall Courses

  • TCC British Literature I (ENGL 2322) @ home campus
  • TCC College Algebra (MATH 1314)
  • TCC Biology (BIOL 1408) @ Ben Barber

Senior Year Spring Courses

  • TCC British Literature II (ENGL 2323) @ home campus
  • Texas Wesleyan - Mathematics for Liberal Arts @ Ben Barber
  • TCC Biology (BIOL 1409) @ Ben Barber