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Summer Classes @ TCC

Beginning 2020, MISD will no longer offer or pay towards summer dual credit courses. However, students may still take classes and obtain credit through the Tarrant County College - Southeast Campus (TCC SE) at their own expense.


Before you can register, you must have completed an admission application, the pre-assessment activity (PAA) and have required Texas Success Initiative (TSI) scores. If you have not TSI tested, you will not be able to register for courses until testing is complete. Currently, TSI testing is unavailable, but some options may open in late April or early May.

Course Costs

All tuition, fees and textbooks for summer courses are the responsibility of the student. MISD will no longer offer or pay towards summer dual credit courses. Payment for courses should be made to TCC through your Webadvisor account. Payments cannot be made to the high school campus.

  • Textbooks - Students are required to purchase their own textbooks for courses. Required textbook information can be found in the course syllabus as well as the online TCC bookstore.

Registration Dates & Deadlines

Registration for both summer sessions start on Monday, March 30, 2020.

  • Summer Session 1: June 2 - July 2 (Deadline: May 26)
  • Summer Session 2: July 7 - August 6 (Deadline: June 30)

Selecting Courses

To get dual credit (high school credit) the course must be part of our dual credit agreement. View the course guide for list of acceptable classes. If you have questions about course selection, please reach out to your campus counselor.

Registering for Courses

Students will register through TCC Webadvisor. Since these classes are not part of MISD’s course offerings, you will NOT register in the dual credit section for summer classes. Please note: Students must be logged into Webadvisor to see certain links.

  1. You MUST register for courses under the "Undergraduate Summer 2020" link.
  2. Select courses designated "SE" for the Southeast campus or designated "CN" for TCC Connect. NOTE: You cannot register for courses outside of our service area. If a needed class is only offered outside of our service area, please contact TCC at se-dualcredit@tccd.edu to discuss possibilities.
    • SE courses will be held virtually but will not require an online readiness assessment. However, proof of a meningitis shot may still be required.
    • CN courses are always online and will require students to complete the online readiness assessment.
  3. If this is your FIRST class, you will be required to register for and complete an online orientation.

Adding Courses to Your Transcript

Upon completion of the course, students should request a copy of their TCC transcript and submit it to the high school registrar for adding eligible courses to your high school transcript. NOTE: Grades on the transcript will be converted to the numeric grading scale for MISD.

Summer Dual Credit @ TCC flyer

Need Help / Have Questions? - For help with summer registration, contact Jennifer Castrillo at JenniferCastrillo@misdmail.org or 817-754-0557. You can also contact TCC directly at se-dualcredit@tccd.edu or call 817-515-3050.