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Dual Credit Program

The MISD dual credit program allows students to earn up to 48 college credit hours while in high school. 

The program exposes students to the rigors of college life while working towards the goal of achieving a bachelor's degree and limiting student debt.

Students in this program may begin select course work in 10th grade. Students may take up to three courses during the fall and spring semesters.

Effective Summer 2020, Dual Credit Summer School will no longer be offered in MISD. Students may still take classes during the summer at TCC SE campus, however, all tuition, fees and textbooks will be at the student’s expense. Students must bring a TCC transcript to the registrar on their home campus, and those courses within our agreement will be added to the high school transcript.

All interested students are highly encouraged to first research the college(s) they are considering to determine which courses best support their future degree plans.

Program Requirements

Students interested in dual credit must:
  • Have an 80+ GPA,
  • Be classified as sophomores, juniors or seniors.
  • Complete an application at www.applytexas.org
  • View the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA)
  • Take and pass the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment test,
  • Complete a self-registration session within the the established guidelines to be enrolled in their dual credit class.

Dual credit courses are available on every high school campus. Students will take courses at their home campus, but in-district travel may be required for certain courses if they are not offered at the home campus.

Some courses may be offered online or as a blended model and some specialty courses may require students to travel to another MISD campus.

Tuition & Fees

MISD is committed to providing an affordable option that allows students to begin earning college hours early.

Tuition rates are determined by the partnering college or university based on their determined residency.

  • Students who are citizens and have lived in Tarrant County for more than a year should qualify for the in-state tuition rate.
  • Students who have lived in another state or country may be asked to provide additional documents to determine if the student will qualify for the in-state or out-of-state tuition rate.

Due to the age of the students, the parent’s residential status is also reviewed.

Course Costs Based on Residency

  • MISD per class fee (all free and reduced) - $25
  • MISD per class fee (regular) - $115
  • MISD per class fee (out of state) - $225


MISD provides textbooks for all dual credit courses. Books are issued on the home campus and checked out to students for the duration of the course. Students are required to return books upon completion of courses.

Registration Process

1. Confirm you have an 80+ GPA through your counseling office.

2. Complete the online application at ApplyTexas.org. (NOTE: Applications must be completed one month prior to step #4.)

3. Complete the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA).

4. Take the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assessment. (NOTE: You will need your TCC ID# for testing. You can find this number in your application confirmation email from TCC.)

5. Bring your TSI scores to your school counselor. At that time, you can select the courses you would like to enroll in.

6. Complete self-registration during the designated windows each semester to complete your enrollment in dual credit classes.

Dropping Courses

Students are allowed to drop a course within the designated timeline established by TCC effective summer 2017.

Please note refunds will not be issued and your decision may result in a shortage of credit(s) for the semester. Students will then have the following three options:

Option 1: Students may continue to take dual credit classes at the full tuition rate. Textbooks will continue to be provided.

Option 2: Students may reimburse MISD for costs incurred due to the drop and be reinstated at the MISD scholarship rate. Textbooks will continue to be provided.

Option 3: Students may elect to no longer participate in the dual credit program.

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