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Cheer Music & Routines

The 2023 High School Cheerleading tryout performances will be the same for all high schools.

The following material is for the 2023 cheer and dance components of the tryout.

Cheer Words

1 – 2 – 3 – 4

Jaguars [x] stand – up [x] for twenty – twenty – three [x]
L – H – S [x] the best it’s guaranteed [x]

We – came to win [x] we won’t – take defeat [x]
Show – us your pride [x] get – on your feet [x]

Green – come on Green [x]
White – come on White [x]

Put it altogether [x] show us your pride [x]

Green [x] White [x]
Green [x] White [x]
Green [x] White [x]

Go Wolves!

Cheer Notes

  • The first skill incorporation is limited to a single jump (toe touch, front hurdler, herkie, pike, etc.)
  • The second skill incorporation is limited to a single skill (standing bhs, standing tuck, best jump, etc.)
  • All highlighted sections should be changed to student's school mascot, initials and colors.