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Middle School Boys Choir Class


Intermediate Schools

The choir program in MISD begins in the sixth grade. These classes focus on establishing and developing basic musical and performance skills. The classes combine on two or more occasions during the year to perform.

Middle Schools

The goal of the program at the middle school is to develop a greater appreciation of music through the introduction of more advanced choral techniques. The choirs perform several times each year, including performances for the University Interscholastic League (UIL) concert and sight-reading events. Students may elect to participate in the all-region choir auditions and solo/ensemble events to further develop their individual musicianship.

High Schools

The high school choirs challenge the student with a rich variety of difficult literature and expose the students to a broader range of music with more demanding vocal techniques. Participation at the high school level includes solo/ensemble, T.M.E.A. auditions, Show Choir, and U.I.L. concert and sight-reading competitions.

In addition to the local performance opportunities, high school choir students have the opportunity to participate in an over-night trip each school year.

The high school choirs are the most advanced choirs in the district and offer expanded performance opportunities, with literature often including many pieces in the composers' native language.

Lettering Policy for MISD Choir Students
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