Our Schools

Fine Arts Academy

Two state-of-the-art fine arts academies opened during the 2021-22 school at Brenda Norwood Elementary School and Alma Martinez Intermediate School.

Mansfield ISD artists in grades 3-5 will experience fine arts disciplines including music, piano, dance, theatre and visual art. Fifth graders will be introduced to orchestra, band and digital art. Student artists will also engage in various performance opportunities and design for local audiences. The fine arts academy at Alma Martinez Intermediate will expand into 6th grade for the 2022-23 school year.

Based on the Studio Habits of Mind (SHOM), our artists will engage in fine arts infused core curriculum. Lessons will enrich fine arts skills such as creativity, problem solving, collaboration, self-discipline and more.

At the fine arts academies, we value and cultivate the following artistic studio habits:

Studio Habits of Mind poster