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Intent of Federal Funds

A public notice has been issued with the purpose and plans for 2023-24 Title 1 funds.

Title I, Part A – Improving Basic Programs – $4,680,099

  • 40% or higher free/reduced lunch eligibility
  • We have 25 Title I school wide campuses.
  • Serve 3 Private Non-Profit schools, who select to participate, with students from MISD Title I Campuses (St. Joseph Catholic School, School of Lexia, and Fellowship Academy)
  • Provide resources to support the District Early Childhood Program at Dr. Sarah K. Jandrucko Early Learners Academy
  • Tiered system of funding to document funds are directed to the greatest areas of need
  • Expenditures must be supplemental to the standard program and must be spent to achieve goals set forth in the campus improvement plan (based on a comprehensive needs assessment)
  • The purpose of Title I funds is to provide all children significant opportunity to receive a fair, equitable, high-quality education, and close the educational achievement gaps.
  • 1% of the grant is reserved for Parent Engagement activities

Common uses of funds include: additional staff, supplemental technology equipment, supplemental tutoring, virtual and face to face student experiences/field trips, supplemental instructional materials, parental engagement activities, supplemental library materials, professional development, and summer school activities.

Title II – Supporting Effective Instruction – $888,744

  • Funds must be used to improve student achievement by improving teaching and leadership (teacher and principal staff development)
  • Funds are also be used to recruit and retain teachers (KEEPS mentor program in MISD)

Mansfield ISD uses Title II funds for the following: supplemental staff to support coaching, district-level professional development geared toward implementing the content area curriculum, leadership development for campus improvement, and the KEEPS teacher mentor program (teacher retention).

Title III – ELA – $451,266

  • Funds must be used to help students who are identified as Limited English Proficient English (advanced proficiency expected within 3 years) while at the same time mastering state content area standards.
  • Funds must be supplemental to what is required by State law, and supplemental to all other federal funds as well
  • Only 2% may be used for administrative costs
  • 1 Bilingual/ESL Specialist has been hired

Mansfield ISD utilizes Title III funds for supplemental staff to provide instructional support and modeling to Bilingual/ESL teachers, translation services, supplemental instructional materials and technology for the Bilingual/ESL program, staff development in the area of English Language Learners, English classes for parents, activities for students, parental engagement activities, and summer school activities.

Title IV – $365,558

  • Funds must be used to provide students with well-rounded educational opportunities,
  • Funds must be used to provide students with safe and healthy students activities,
  • Funds must be used to support the effective use of technology

Mansfield ISD utilizes Title IV funds to develop and support innovative programs in STEM and CCMR (College, Career & Military Readiness). Title IV provides professional development and coaching in the effective uses of technology. In addition, Title IV supports school safety programs.

Intent of Federal Funds 2324

Please contact Dr. Tamara Liddell, Director of Federal Programs, at 817-299-6358 or TamaraLiddell@misdmail.org for questions or comments regarding federal funding.