Our Schools

Maintenance & Repairs

As service requests are received, each is assigned a priority (emergency, urgent, or routine) based on the problem’s effect on life safety and/or continuance of academic study. Emergency and urgent requests are dispatched to maintenance personnel immediately.

It should be noted that backlogs are common and inevitable. Several weeks delay could occur between the submission of a request and it’s final resolution in some instances. Potential reasons for delays could range from having to obtain permits, to workforce scheduling conflicts, to material procurement, to obtaining drawings and so on. The maintenance staff will inform you if they encounter any unusual delays.

  • Emergency Repairs - An “Emergency Repair” is performed to preserve the life, health, or safety of building occupants. Emergency Repairs also serve to prevent severe damage to a building or to assure a school’s ability to perform its educational mission. This includes:
    • Building Wide Air Conditioning Failure
    • Water main breaks
    • Major electrical power failures
    • Gas leaks
    • Inability to secure the building after hours
    • Broken handrails along stairs
  • Urgent Repairs- Prompt service is provided for urgent maintenance and repair problems.This includes:
    • Absence of Heat or Air Conditioning in academic and administrative buildings
    • Leaks
    • Plumbing problems
    • Electrical problems
    • Broken locks
    • Broken windows
    • Broken playground swings
  • Routine Repairs - Service is provided as soon as it can be scheduled for routine problems. This includes:
    • Interior door problems
    • Installation of maps or pencil sharpeners 
    • Inoperable drinking fountains 

Some of the things that we do NOT do under normal circumstances include: 

  • Relocate projector screens, marker boards or televisions/monitor
  • Build furniture or bookcases
  • Plant additional flowers trees or shrubs
  • Burned out lights: Bulbs that can be reached from a six foot ladder are changed by the building’s custodian. All other lamp replacements are completed by our electrical department.

Submitting Requests for Repairs

Each site has a designated person that handles communications with Facilities Maintenance. This person is responsible for entering a work order into SchoolDude, the site-based work order tracking system. 

The designated person should review previously submitted work orders to ensure that the request is not a duplicate, as duplication tends to slow the work order completion process down. They should also contact the maintenance department by phone when the work request is an emergency needing immediate attention. Please keep in mind, all technology work orders must be entered into Eduphoria.