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Storage & Shredding

Records Storage

  1. All records must be stored in an MISD record storage box. Boxes and labels may be ordered through Skyward.
  2. Each box must be labeled with the official “MISD Records Storage Label”.
  3. When labeling the box, be sure to put it on the end of the box.
  4. The following fields must be completely filled out:
    • Campus/Department:
    • Box Contents: (what is in it?)
    • Date of Contents: (What year is stored in the box?)
    • Boxed By:
    • Destruction Date: (refer to records control schedule)
  5. Contact your School Dude Administrator to submit a work order. For your campus/department School Dude designee, contact Kim Sherlock at KimSherlock@misdmail.org or 817-299-4345.


  • Original adhesive labels and an MISD records storage box MUST be used at all times. All other labeling or boxes will be returned to the campus.
  • Refer to the records control schedule when deciding upon a storage and/or destruction date.
  • Only store one year at a time. Each academic year must be boxed individually.

Records to Shred

Campuses and departments are responsible for shredding their own records. The Distribution Center no longer picks up records to shred.