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America’s high schools have a profound responsibility to ensure our nation’s 16 million high school students are college-ready, career-ready and life-ready. Standardized test scores, traditionally used as the primary readiness indicator, do not always provide an accurate representation of our students’ potential. Like the American economy, today’s students are driven by ideas and innovations. They create their present and shape their futures by developing talents not measured by test scores.

To guide and acknowledge our students’ talents, Mansfield ISD field-tested the concept of a student scorecard in 2018. The scorecards communicated to students age-appropriate opportunities to become life-ready, college-ready and career-ready.

Student Scorecards

In fall 2021, K-12 grade-level scorecards were introduced. At each grade, students access a menu of opportunities for life, college and career readiness. Through mentorship, they choose the next best opportunity to grow as productive citizens. Mansfield ISD students create their futures with self-paced learning via technology as well as teacher-directed and counselor-directed support.

  • High school students access scorecards through an online app called Edugence. The scorecards appear as three concentric circles that close as they complete readiness indicators. 
  • Grade 3-8 students access scorecards through an online app called Xello. As they complete activities, the scorecards indicate completion with green checkmarks. 
  • Grade K-2 students enter Xello’s Career Town, an online cartoon world that allows them to explore different career settings (for example, hospital, art gallery, farm, pet grooming shop, construction site and park). As students finish exploration activities online, they earn completion badges. We encourage parents to work together with their child to review the online scorecards and help identify the next best opportunity to becoming life-ready, college-ready and career-ready.

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Scorecard Explanation Videos

Student Scorecard Explained (Students)

Students, do you ever wonder if you know everything you need to know for life after high school? Don't worry. Mansfield ISD has created a Vision 2030 student scorecard to help keep you on track and prepare you to become college, career and life ready.

Student Scorecard Explained (Parents)

Parents, do find yourselves overwhelmed by all of the stuff regarding life skills and readiness for your student? Mansfield ISD's goal is to equip you with the information needed to prepare your child to become college, career and life ready.