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America’s high schools have a profound responsibility to ensure that our nation’s 14 million high school students are college-ready, career-ready and life-ready. Standardized test scores, traditionally used as the primary readiness indicator, do not always provide an accurate representation of our students’ potential. Like the global economy, today’s students are driven by ideas and innovations. They should not be reduced to or defined by a single test score.

In 2018, Mansfield ISD launched the Vision 2030 Student Scorecard using research-based metrics to more appropriately assess that students are college-ready, career-ready, and life-ready. The student scorecard is designed to take the student on a journey of continuous development by combining technology and educator support to assist students with developing critical skills for success beyond high school. Only a handful of campuses and grade levels were chosen to begin this vital work with a full launch expected to take place during the 2020-21 school year.

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Life Beyond High School

MISD is committed to inspiring and educating students to be productive citizens. Students who are innovators, driven by ideas and inspired by innovations. Students who have a growth mindset of continuously improving and empowered to approach their future with integrity and resiliency. To dream big and achieve big. Students who are ready; COLLEGE-ready, CAREER-ready and LIFE-ready in the present and for the future.

MISD College Readiness Indicators

The COLLEGE readiness indicators will enable students to track, measure and visualize their individualized progress in academics, standardized testing, as well as additional college criteria for post-secondary success.

MISD Career Readiness Indicators

The CAREER readiness indicators are behavioral and experiential benchmarks designed to help students identify career-specific learning experiences. Progress towards foundational skills, communication skills and preparation skills will ensure that students are prepared to become productive citizens.

MISD Life Ready Indicators

Students who are LIFE READY have a growth mindset that enables them to approach their future with confidence. Mansfield ISD provides social and emotional supports to assist students with the ability to develop grit, perseverance and resiliency to tackle and achieve their goals. Goals demonstrated through personal actualization skills of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, responsible decision making and relationship skills. Students can measure successful completion of life ready indicators through the following indicators.