Our Schools

Department of Instruction

Karman Bailey

Math Instructional Coach

Amanda Bass

SpEd ELAR Instructional Coach (EC-12)

Lisbeth Bennett

ELAR Instructional Coach (9-12)

Patricia Borowy

Administrative Assistant to Department of Instruction

Elise Buchhorn

Program Coordinator - Secondary Mathematics

Staci Buck

Dyslexia Services Coordinator

Joie Burch

Administrative Assistant to the Department of Instruction

Brigette Cardenas

Instructional Coach (K-6)

Jennifer Castrillo

Post Secondary Readiness Coordinator

Paula Cushanick

Language Acquisition Specialist

Andrea Dressler

Literacy Instructional Coach (5-8)

Jennifer Foster

Early Childhood Specialist

Teresa Francis

Director of Advanced Academics

Norma Hannaman

Administrative Assistant to the Department of Early Literacy

Dr. Larry Harmon

AVID Coordinator

George Hernandez

LOTE Instructional Coach

Dr. Michelle Hurst

Program Coordinator - Secondary Science

Emily Jackson

Social Studies Instructional Coordinator

Jessica Jansma

SpEd Math Instructional Coach

Shannon Jones

Literacy Instructional Coach (K-2)

Jennifer Kirby

K-2 Math Instructional Coach

Sara Lewis

Science Instructional Coach

Sarah McMurrough

Literacy Instructional Coach (3-4)

Marie Medina

Program Coordinator - Social Studies

Ana Muñoz

Dual Language Coordinator

Corey Nieman

Secondary Advanced Academics Coach

Alycen Phan

Director of Early Learning

Jennifer Powers

Executive Director of Guidance and Counseling

Yanelley Rodriguez-Lopez

Program Coordinator - Elementary Mathematics

Amy Senato

Program Coordinator - Elementary Science & Physical Education (PE)

Wendy Simpson-Tate

Coordinator of School Improvement

Kelly Standley

Math Instructional Coach

Frances Torres

Language Acquisition Specialist

Lacy Underwood

Literacy Instructional Coach (K-2)

Sarah Wallick

Math Instructional Coach

Nikki Walls

Program Coordinator - English Language Arts (3-6)

Jessica Watson

Math Instructional Coach

Victoria Webster

Director of STEM

Gregg Williams

Social Studies Instructional Coach