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Bilingual Education Program

  • The Texas Education Code requires that school districts offer a Bilingual Education program at PK-6 for any language with 20 students or more enrolled at any grade level across the district.
  • Texas law requires the teaching of both the student’s native language and English. The state of Texas provides student textbooks in English and Spanish for Spanish-speaking students in a bilingual education program.
  • MISD offers a 1-way Dual Language bilingual education program using a modified Gomez & Gomez model for the delivery of instruction. In this model, native Spanish speakers become bilingual, bicultural and bi-literate by learning content instruction in both English (50%) and Spanish (50%).

ESL Program in MISD

  • Texas law requires that students, who do not receive a bilingual education program, receive an ESL program.

  • Currently students in grades PK-12 whose native language is not Spanish receive instruction through an ESL program, which does not include native language instruction.