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Equity Audit

In the fall of 2020, an audit was conducted by TASA-CMSi to examine the district's current processes and procedures. The full audit was published Sept. 2021.

The Mansfield ISD TASA-CMSi Equity Audit focused on five key areas: vision and policy, academic achievement, equity and access, culture and climate and curriculum. The findings and recommendations were used as a road map to create Phase I of this work in MISD.

As a result of the audit, the Strategic Planning Committee was formed to review the focus areas and audit recommendations and provide suggestions to Cabinet and the board of trustees for consideration.

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Vision & Policy

  • Finding 1.1 | Policy should more clearly define expectations and direction for equity and inclusion and the work required to eliminate opportunity gaps.
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 Academic Achievement

  • Finding 1.1 | District performance overall exceeds state averages, but students of color consistently score below their peers, with the exception of Asian students.
  • Finding 1.2 | Economic need in Mansfield ISD is a strong predictor of performance on state tests. Not all students have equal access to effective learning environments.
  • Finding 1.3 | For the most at-risk students, opportunity gaps are evident and are not consistently narrowing over time. For some groups, without extreme intervention, the gaps will never narrow.
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Equity and Access

  • Finding 1.1 | Economic isolation at campuses contributes to lower student performance and is compromising the benefits of the district’s diversity.
  • Finding 1.2 | The diversity of the student population in Mansfield ISD is not represented in its personnel.
  • Finding 1.3 | Identification of students for special programs and participation in AP is not proportional with students' representation in the district population.
  • Finding 1.4 | The rates at which students dropout, are retained or are disciplined, when examined by race/ethnicity, gender and student group, are not proportional. Financial allocations to schools are not clearly linked to schools’ level of need.
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Culture and Climate

  • Finding 1.1 | Mansfield ISD has adopted cultural blindness in addressing issues of bias and discrimination. The need for training and improved understanding has resulted in a school climate that is uncomfortable for some students and actively hostile for others.
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  • Finding 1.1 | The written curriculum, although comprehensive in scope and quality, is weak on offering sufficient suggestions and resources that support differentiating instruction for diverse learners with a variety of needs.


Based on the data from the survey, documents, samples of student work and interviews, the auditors developed a set of recommendations to address the gaps and weaknesses identified in the findings of the equity audit.

  1. Adopt a clear vision and specific expectations for equity
  2. Equity planning
  3. Professional development and coaching
  4. Curriculum design, development and delivery

MISD Equity Audit - Full REPort

Diversity is the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders, sexual orientations, etc.