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Digital PLC on Flipgrid

Flipgrid Cover Collaborate & Grow

We invite you to Stop, Collaborate & join the EdTech team this year for a Digital PLC on Flipgrid! 

Every six weeks we will post a new topic and we encourage you to share your innovative ideas, best practices, valuable tips & tricks, etc. This is an awesome way to connect and collaborate with other teachers in the district that you don't get the opportunity to interact with and learn from normally! There might even be some chances to win a prize! 

So let's get this PLC started with the first topic: 

Introduce yourself! Tell us your name, campus, subject/grade, & favorite technology tool!  

To join the conversation on Flipgrid, follow these steps: 

  1. Open Flipgrid app or go to flipgrid.com (on a computer with access to web cam and mic)
  2. Enter the top secret flip code (check your email)
  3. Tap + to add your response 
  4. Log in with Microsoft (use your normal @misdmail.org email and password)
  5. Record your response and snap a cover photo (don't forget to add stickers + drawings!) 
  6. Submit your response 
  7. Reply and react to others 

Continue the conversation and get more ideas by following @MISDEdTech on Twitter. 

We can't wait to connect with you all on Flipgrid & Twitter this year!