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Elementary science involves hands on engaging activities, classroom and outdoor investigations using safe practices and proper tools as well as discovery through inquiry. Topics such as Matter & Energy, Force & Motion, Earth Resources & Cycles, and Organisms & their Environment are covered.

Intermediate and middle school grade science provides hands-on activities for life, earth, physical and space science.

In high school, students take a variety of science classes. Secondary science courses will cover the complementary nature of structure and function of the human body systems, including the reproductive system. Students will be able to identify the main functions and describe the interactions among all systems. They will recognize the significance of meiosis to sexual reproduction as it relates to genetics. Students will also be able to describe viral reproduction and its role in causing diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and influenza. Lessons in science courses do not include instruction relating to human sexuality or reproductive health.

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K-12 Curriculum Documents

Curriculum files for each core subject (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) and grade level (K-12) are located on Google Docs.

Open the Curriculum Map, select the grade level (menu at bottom of worksheet) and click on the subject of your choice to view the associated curriculum.

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