Our Schools

Independent Study

Each year our Gifted/Talented (GT) students are provided an opportunity for independent study. This is a chance for students to investigate an area of interest, develop a product or prototype demonstrating their learning and provide a presentation.

Each student then uses their creations to compete at the independent study fairs:

  • Campus Independent Study Fair - All GT students will compete at their campus. Finalists move on to the area fair.
  • Area Independent Study Fair - The top five students from each campus will compete against students in their feeder pattern. The top two students from each grade level (Grades 3-12) of the feeder pattern will progress to the district fair.
  • District Independent Study Fair -  The area finalists will compete and one winner will be announced per grade level. These winners are awarded a medal and a plaque in honor of being named the overall district winner.

Parents can view the judging rubric for each grade level here.

Texas State Plan for the Education of Gifted/Talented Students

Curriculum & Instruction 4.2: Opportunities are provided for students to pursue areas of interests in selected disciplines through guided and independent research.

Curriculum & Instruction 4.3: A continuum of learning experiences is provided that leads to the development of advanced-level products and/or performances such as those provided through the Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP) (19 TAC§89.3(2).

Curriculum & Instruction 4.4: Participation in the Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP), or other experiences that result in the development of sophisticated products and/or performances that are targeted to an audience outside the classroom, is available through gifted/talented curriculum.