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Identifying GT Students

It is the goal of Mansfield ISD to identify all students with exceptional ability or
the potential for exceptional ability. Professionals trained in gifted education will provide planned, consistent, equitable programs, so that each identified gifted and talented (GT) student is given the opportunity to reach his or her maximum potential.

All second grade students will be automatically screened within the first semester of school. Screening will be based upon input from teachers, parents and testing data. Those identified will be served by highly trained GT teachers.

Testing and identification of referred students in K, 1, 3-6 begins in the second semester testing window, with services for identified students to begin immediately upon receipt of the Acceptance of Service form from parents. Referrals accepted year-round.

Testing and identification of secondary (7-12) students will be conducted once per semester on a referral basis. Referrals accepted year-round.

According to MISD Board Policy EHBB (Local), criteria shall be specific to the state definition of gifted and talented and shall ensure the fair assessment of students with special needs, such as the culturally different, the economically disadvantaged, and students with disabilities.

The GT Process

  1. Parents contact the campus GT Specialist for a GT Referral Form and return it to the specialist upon completion. The GT Specialist enrolls the student in the next testing window.
  2. Parents receive a link to a home survey of observed academic behavior frequencies. Meanwhile, teachers complete a teacher survey of observed academic behavior frequencies at school.
  3. Child takes online cognitive abilities tests at the school. The results are reported to the GT Specialist on campus.
  4. The campus GT Review Committee reviews all data from the cognitive tests and surveys to determine if a learning need has been identified.
  5. An ‘Identified for Services’ or ‘Not Identified for Services’ letter is sent home to parents explaining the results of the identification process. If identified, services begin immediately. Identification for program services may result in a schedule change.

Download a printable version of the GT Identification Process.