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Perks, the Mansfield ISD Staff Discount Program, helps us recognize staff within our district while building stronger relationships between local businesses and the school community.

We are so excited to provide our MISD employees with a listing of discounts offered by a wide variety of local vendors. Implemented in 2006, the Perks program has continued to grow attracting more and more local businesses.

As a business partner, joining the MISD Perks program is fast and simple. Businesses that are able to offer a free, discounted or special service to Mansfield ISD are added to a list of participating vendors. In return, MISD provides exposure to your business via our website and staff e-newsletters sent to our employees.

As a Mansfield ISD employee, using the MISD Perks program is easy as well as convenient. Most businesses just want to see your employee ID, others want you to enter a special discount code on their website and some will simply just take you at your word. In any case, the discount is applied at the time of purchase.