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Maternity/Bonding Leave

Congratulations on your expected new arrival! Please review details on applications and eligibility for family medical leave.

Applying for Family Medical Leave

Apply for FMLA maternity leave no more than 30 days before your estimated due date unless there is a medical emergency. Visit the FMLA/Medical Leave page for instructions.

Family Medical Leave for Maternity

Eligible employees are entitled to take up to 12 work weeks of job-protected leave in a 12-month period. (If you are not eligible, visit Temporary Disability Leave page or reach out the Benefits Office.)

FMLA leave for maternity is unpaid leave. Employees are required to use paid leave (local/state), including compensatory time, concurrently with FMLA leave. When paid leave is exhausted, the employee’s leave will be unpaid (DOCK).

A medical certification is not required for maternity FMLA leave unless there is a need for leave of more than one week prior to your due date. A medical certification will be required for verification of the need for leave for the incapacity due to pregnancy or other serious health condition.

Employees are required to submit absences in Skyward. Instructions on how to complete this task will be sent in the eligibility notice.

Verification of Birth Facts

For final FMLA approval, employees must submit the Hospital Verification of Birth Facts to the Benefits Office within 15 calendar days of giving birth. This form is provided by the hospital in order to receive a birth certificate.

Long-Term Substitutes

Please reach out to your campus substitute navigator for assistance in regards to finding a long-term substitute or how to enter absences in AESOP. You can start the process to request a long-term sub as early as you feel is necessary.

For any additional questions regarding substitutes, contact Sarahanne Steffens, District Navigator, at SarahanneSteffens@misdmail.org or 817-299-6321.

Disability Insurance and Medical Coverage

Disability insurance is a supplemental benefit and does not affect your leave or job status with Mansfield ISD. Questions regarding disability insurance should be directed to The Hartford at 866-547-9124. Claims cannot be submitted any sooner than thirty days before your estimated due date.

The medical enrollment form will be provided in the eligibility email. If you wish to enroll your newborn for medical coverage, you must email the completed form to the Benefits office within 30 days of the baby’s birth. TRS-ActiveCare automatically provides coverage for a newborn child of a covered employee for the first 31 days after the date of birth, but this coverage ends unless the baby is added to the employee's coverage within 31 days.

Returning to Work

Employees may not return to work until the completion of the Return to Work process issued by the Benefits Office.

Prior to any return, the Benefits Office will first need a doctor's release note. This can be obtained at the 6- or 8-week follow up appointment. The Benefits Office will then issue the Green Form, via email, confirming the return to work date.

Break Time for Nursing Mothers under the FLSA

The district supports the practice of and makes reasonable accommodations for the needs of employees who express breast milk. A reasonable amount of break time along with a place, other than a multiple-user bathroom, will be provided for the employee that is shielded from view and free from the intrusion of other individuals. For nonexempt employees, these breaks are unpaid and are not counted as hours worked. Employees should meet with their supervisor to discuss their needs and arrange break times.

Review the FAQs on Maternity for more district-related information.

TRS ActiveCare members are encouraged to view the Resources for a Healthy Pregnancy for more information on maternity.