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Temporary / Tutors / Part Time

A district temporary/part time employee is eligible to enroll in TRS-ActiveCare if the district reasonably expects the temporary/part time to work at least 10 hours per week. Hours worked for other school districts are not considered in determining whether a temporary/part time employee is eligible for benefits through Mansfield ISD.

Although the district reasonably expects a temporary/part time employee to work at least 10 hours per week, the district does not guarantee that you will receive 10 hours every week. The district’s need for temporary/part time employees varies from week to week. In some weeks, you may not receive any assignments. Similarly, the district understands that some weeks you may not be able to accept assignments due to illness or other personal reasons.

If you are a new temporary/part time employee, you must enroll in or decline medical coverage within 31 days from date of hire. If you are a returning temporary/part time employee, you must enroll in or decline medical coverage during the annual open enrollment. If you decline coverage, you cannot enroll again until the next plan year unless you experience a special enrollment event.

If you elect to enroll, you will be responsible for the full premium and you must submit payment for one calendar month with your enrollment form. The premiums thereafter will be brought to the Payroll office by the 1st of the month (i.e. April premium due by April 1). If you fail to pay by the 10th, the district will proceed with the coverage cancellation process. Your coverage may also be cancelled if you lose eligibility for TRS-ActiveCare.

A temporary/part time employee who is enrolled in TRS-Active Care and who is then removed as a Mansfield ISD Employee becomes ineligible for health coverage and will be provided notice regarding continuation coverage under COBRA (if eligible). Cancellation due to non-payment is considered a voluntary drop; therefore, you would not be eligible for COBRA.

Please contact the Benefits Department for more information.