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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my benefit effective date?

Your benefits are effective on the first day of the month following your hire date or a life/qualifying event date.

Benefits premium payments are retroactive to the first of the month and deducted from the employee's paycheck accordingly.

Example: Donna is hired on April 15. Donna has 31 days to enroll for benefits before her waiting period expires on May 15. Donna is having trouble deciding and finally makes a decision on May 14. Donna will still owe premiums for benefits beginning May 1. Donna’s insurance coverage will go into effect on May 1 and as a result Donna will be retroactively billed for the effective date of May 1.

NOTE: It takes 7-10 business days before an employee becomes active in the carrier's system. Cards are mailed within one week of the vendor's system update. Employees can check the status of their cards or coverage by contacting the carrier directly.

I am a new hire, how do I sign up for benefits?

All new hires are required to log in to the Benefits Portal and either elect or decline benefits within 30 days of their start date.

Our FBS Specialist is available to assist you in completing your enrollment and answering any questions on supplemental benefits. Please contact Cara Hanes at carah@fbsbenefits.com or 469-636-8836.

Check out our new hire packet and our benefits presentation for more information.

I am a new substitute for MISD, will I be eligible for medical insurance?

A district substitute is eligible to enroll in TRS-ActiveCare if the district reasonably expects the substitute to work at least 10 hours per week. Hours worked for other school districts are not considered in determining whether a substitute is eligible for benefits through Mansfield ISD.

For complete information, please visit the Substitute Eligibility for Health Insurance Coverage webpage.

What if I need to drop/add a dependent or coverage during the plan year?

Benefit changes may only be made if you experience a valid qualifying event, such as adopting a child, getting married, spouse job status change, etc. Changes must be made within 31 days of the event.

The Mansfield ISD Benefit Plan is a Section 125 Flexible Benefit Plan (Cafeteria Plan) allowed under the regulation of Section 125 of the Internal Revenue code.

RULES: “Pre-tax” elections cannot be revoked or changed during the plan year unless there is a qualifying event. Election changes must be consistent with the event.

Supporting Documents Required to Enroll/Cancel Coverage

Documentation of the qualifying event and dependent verification documentation must be submitted directly to the Benefits Office within 31 calendar days (including weekends and holidays) of the qualifying event date. (NOTE: All documents faxed or emailed are considered by the time stamp when they were sent whether office is closed or open.)



Birth of a Child




Birth Certificate
Verification of birth facts issued by hospital

Placement for adoption paperwork -or- Legal documentation of the adoption


Death Certificate


Marriage Certificate


Original signed divorce decree

Dependent’s enrollment in another employer’s benefits through job change or open enrollment

Proof of the enrollment including effective date of coverage, type of coverage (medical, dental, vision), and the names of dependents enrolled with their effective date of coverage.

Loss of benefits due to loss of job or loss of eligibility

Letter from former employer or print screens from insurance carriers listing:

Types of coverage lost, the last date of coverage, and the names of dependents losing coverage

**Switching plans during the plan year could cause your deductible and out-of-pocket limits to reset.

Effective Dates

Benefits become effective the date of the event for: birth and adoption.

Marriage, divorce, and death become effective the first of the month following the event date.

To submit a change, complete the TRS Change Form and submit with documentation to the Benefits Office via email benefits@misdmail.org, fax: 817-548-2161, or in person at: 605 E. Broad Street, Mansfield TX 76063.

**No changes will be made outside of the 31 day window allowed**

What insurance coverage do I have (medical, dental, vision, disability, cancer, etc.)?

By logging into the Employee Portal, you may view the consolidated enrollment form, update your contact information, view/change your beneficiaries and sign-up for the staff clinic.

What if I need medical, dental or vision ID card?

Medical – You can call TRS ActiveCare Aetna at (800)-222-9205 or login to your Aetna Navigator account to print your card.

Dental – You can call Cigna at (800) 244-6224 or login to their website. MISD Group Number is 3339927.

Vision – You can call Davis Vision at (877) 923-2847 or login to their website. MISD Group Number is 7511.

How do I find out if my doctor is in-network?

ActiveCare 1-HD, ActiveCare Select or ActiveCare 2 – Use the provider search on the ActiveCare website.

Scott and White - Use the provider search on the Scott and White website.

How do I know what is covered on my medical or supplemental plans (dental, vision, cancer, accident, etc.)?

You will need to contact the carrier directly for specific coverage information.  For a complete list of carriers and their contact information, please visit page 3 of the Mansfield ISD Benefit Guide.

How do I file a claim on my medical or supplemental plans (dental, vision, cancer, accident, etc.)?

Medical – You can call TRS ActiveCare Aetna at (800)-222-9205 or login to your Aetna Navigator account.

Dental – You can call Cigna at (800) 244-6224 or login to their website. MISD Group Number is 3339927.

Vision – You can call Davis Vision at (877) 923-2847 or login to their website. MISD Group Number is 7511.

Cancer – Claim forms can be found on the Cancer Benefits Hub webpage.

Accident – Information can be found on the Accident Benefits Hub webpage.

Critical Illness – Download a claim form and review other important information on the Critical Illness Benefits Hub webpage.

Hospital Indemnity – Information can be located at the Hospital Indemity Benefits Hub webpage

HSA (Health Savings Account) – Information may be found at the Health Savings Account (HSA) webpage on the Benefits Hub.  

Reimbursement Plans

I am a member of the Sick Leave Bank. How do I request days from the bank?

The purpose of the Sick Leave Bank is to assist members of the bank dealing with their own unexpected catastrophic “serious health condition” (as defined by the Family Medical Leave Act) that force them to exhaust all paid leave and would result in a loss of income.

Are you eligible?

  1. Have you been out for 10 consecutive work days?
  2. Was this a pre-existing condition prior to your joining the SLB?
  3. Is this a catastrophic condition or illness?

Review the following information:

For more information regarding eligibility or to request Sick Leave Bank days, please contact the Benefits Office at 817-299-6356 or benefits@misdmail.org.

I have been off work due to my own medical illness/injury and have received a doctor’s release to work. What do I need to return to work (How to obtain a “green release”)? Where do I get that form?

Prior to your return to work, please bring a doctor’s note with a return to work date including restrictions (if any) to the Benefits office at 605 E. Broad Street, Mansfield TX 76063 before you plan to return to work. 

The release must be reviewed for approval and on file prior to your reporting back to duty. 

We will provide you a green release form to take with you to your campus/department upon return.  You will not be able to return to work without this green sheet.

I am considering retirement and have questions about my TRS. Who do I call?

You will need to contact TRS at (800) 223-8778 or visit the TRS website to read about “Planning Your Retirement”.

I have retired from MISD. What department completes my TRS 7 form?

You will need to bring your TRS 7 form to the MISD Payroll office located at 605 E. Broad Street, Manfield TX 76063. Once complete, they will forward to TRS after your final paycheck from MISD is processed.

I am a former substitute for MISD. How do I access my FICA Alternative Funds?

You will need to contact TCG Administrators at (800) 943-9179.

How do I add or change my 403b annuity information?

The 403(b) is a plan allowed by the IRS to set aside money on a pre-tax basis for retirement purposes. National Benefit Services (403 (b) Annuity TPA)

You will need a Salary Reduction Agreement form.

Who do I contact if I have questions regarding my health insurance plan?

  • Aetna/TRS-ActiveCare Customer Service: 1-800-222-9205
  • Aetna Maternity Program: 1-800-272-3531
  • CVS Caremark/TRS-ActiveCare Plans: 1-800-222-9205
  • Scott and White HMO Plan: 1-800-321-7947
  • Scott and White Pharmacy Services: 1-800-728-7947

I cannot log in to the Employee Benefits Portal. Who do I contact?

If you experience problems, please call login support at 1-866-724-7491.

What assistance is provided to me during open enrollment in July?

We provide one-on-one assistance or you can contact the FBS Call Center at 1-866-914-5202 for assistance during July open enrollment.

For 2019 in-person assistance, please visit Legacy High School from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on the following dates:

  • July 8 -11, 2019
  • July 15 - 18, 2019
  • July 22 - 25, 2019
  • July 29 - 31, 2019

If I resign, do I have the ability to continue using my benefits coverage?

Employees and dependents covered by TRS-ActiveCare are eligible for COBRA continuation coverage. After your resignation has been processed, you will receive a COBRA enrollment kit at the address we have on file.

For questions regarding your continuation of benefits, please contact the TRS-ActiveCare COBRA Administration at 1-833-682-8972 or Scott and White Health Plan COBRA Administration at 1-877-722-2667