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Peachjar Community Folder

Please note that the distribution of physical flyers from outside vendors directly to students is prohibited. 

Peachjar LogoMISD uses Peachjar© to send digital flyers directly to families. The Peachjar© Community Folder provides improved direct connection to parents and families, linking them with relevant services and programs for their student while eliminating the paper process of flyer distribution on campuses. 

District-approved digital flyers will be sent directly to parents and all flyers will be posted to each school’s website with easy “call to action” buttons if necessary. Parents have the option to opt out of the community emails without unsubscribing to important district and campus news notifications.

By using this new electronic system, MISD expects to eliminate the need to print thousands of flyers each year, which in turn saves trees. Additionally, the school district will no longer incur the administrative burden and costs associated with paper flyer distribution or manually posting flyers online.

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Guidelines for Submission

MISD Campuses and Departments

Mansfield ISD campuses and departments that would like to post a school/department sponsored flyer should email ElizabethCarmody@misdmail.org the following:

  1. List of campus(es) for requested distribution;
  2. Duration of distribution;
  3. The requested flyer in PDF format.

Flyers are reviewed, approved and distributed on a weekly basis during the academic school year.

Community Partners and Businesses

Community partners and businesses should register with Peachjar© as a "Program Provider." (The cost to post is $25 per flyer per campus with a duration of no more than three months unless you qualify for a free posting.)

  • Once registered, upload your flyer for distribution to your desired school(s). In your Peachjar© account, you will be able to upload your flyer and add call-to-action buttons such as “Call” and “Sign Up Now” for parents to interact directly with your flyer.
  • The flyer/printed material must conform to the standards of the Limitations of Content as described in Mansfield ISD administrative guidelines.
  • All flyer/printed material MUST have the following disclaimer on the BOTTOM of the flyer in bold, CAPITAL letters, 12 pt font or larger:
      • Note: The statement should be added in all languages represented on the flyer.
  • The Communications and Marketing Department will review and approve flyers and/or printed materials on a weekly basis during the academic school year.
Free Posting Qualifications

To qualify for a FREE posting account, community partners and businesses must meet ALL three of the following requirements:

  1. The event must be 100% free for everyone.
  2. There can be no items for sale (no food trucks, vendors, etc).
  3. The program/event cannot encourage future fees (i.e. an open house for a fee-based program).

If you believe you qualify for a free posting account, please contact Peachjar directly at (858)997-2117 option 3 or email support@peachjar.com.

For more information, please download Peachjar© for Community Partners & Businesses.