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School & Facility Name Submissions

We are always looking for that next great name for one of our schools or facilities. All submissions are considered, but the following guidelines are used when naming school buildings and other facilities within the Mansfield Independent School District.

Guidelines for Submission

Elementary, Intermediate and Middle School Naming Guidelines
Mansfield ISD schools serving K-8 students have historically been named for retired Mansfield ISD educators and administrators. Some exceptions exist, and as stated earlier, all submissions will be considered.

High School Naming Guidelines
Mansfield ISD High Schools have historically been named for geographic features of the area in which the school site is located. Additionally, the Board stipulates that the name “Mansfield” be part of official high school names to identify that school as a Mansfield ISD school.

Facility Naming Guidelines
Facilties other than school buildings have been named for former District staff members who have rendered distinguished service to students in the district.

Building Name Submission Form