Our Schools

Facts and Figures

Enrolled Students - 35,524
Staff Members - 4,609

Student Ethnic Distribution
African American: 32.1%
White: 28.2%
Hispanic: 26.4%
Asian: 7.9%
Two or more races: 5%
American Indian: 0.3%
Pacific Islander: 0.1%

1 Pre-Kindergarten Academy (Pre-K)
24 Elementary Schools (K-4)
7 Intermediate (5-6)
7 Middle Schools (7-8)
2 Standalone STEM Academies (6-12)
5 Traditional High Schools (9-12)
1 Alternative Education Center
1 Career & Technology Academy (9-12)
1 Early College High School (9-12)

Number of Schools: 49
Graduation Rate: 94%
Languages Spoken Other than English: 45+
Energy Star Awards: Seven times in a row

Complete By the Numbers Facts

MISD Financial Facts

2021-22 General Operating budget: $342.2 million

The Mansfield ISD Adopted Tax Rate is $1.4183— $1.0583 for the Maintenance and Operations Fund and $0.36 for the Debt Service Fund.

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MISD Accountability Data

Due to ongoing disruptions associated with COVID-19, ratings will continue to be paused for 2021. Schools were not rated in 2020 or 2021 and received a label of "Not Rated: Declared State of Disaster" for their accountability ratings. Any labels and data shown on the TXschools.gov website reflect previous accountability outcomes. Read more about 2021 TEA ratings here.

Get complete information on prior and current accountability & assessment data by visiting the Assessment, Accountability & Analysis website.