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Do you have a question for us? Submit your questions via e-mail to info@misdmail.org. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

How is the school calendar created? Are parents involved?

Calendar options are developed with coordination between the MISD Administration and the District Educational Improvement Committee (DEIC) made up of staff and parents. Options are then put out in a public survey on the district website.

Based on survey results, the DEIC presents a final calendar option to the school board. The school board approves the recommendation, makes an alteration or sends the committee back for further review. The public is involved through the survey and is always welcome to provide feedback and suggestions on the calendar.

If I live in Mansfield, can my child attend any school?

Mansfield ISD does not currently offer traditional open enrollment. Your child's school is determined by the attendance zone for your home. However, the district does offer The Power of Choice which allows students of all ages to take advantage of specific programs that are tailored to their needs—even if it is located outside of their designated attendance zone. To learn more, please visit the Power of Choice page.

How are Attendance Zone lines drawn?

Please refer to the Attendance Zone page for complete information on MISD's attendance zone process.

When are MISD School Board Meetings held?

In general, Regular School Board Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of each month. Some meetings are rescheduled due to holidays. Visit the Board Meetings & Agendas page for the most recent schedules.

How do I sign up to volunteer at my child's school?

Certain security measures must be made before an individual may volunteer on campus. Please review the Campus Volunteers page to obtain more information and fill out the necessary paperwork.

How do I file a complaint in the district?

For all complaints, grievances and concerns, MISD has a Problem Solving Procedures page with the complaint process for parent and students as well as a complaint process for staff.

When is high school graduation?

All of the high schools graduation schedules are available online on the Graduation page.

How many absences are allowed in one school year?

The Texas Education Agency has stated that no student should be absent for more than 10% of an academic year. In the MISD, seventeen (17) absences in one school year of 177 instructional days is grounds for holding a student back.

Where can I find current open positions?

Employment opportunities can be found the Join Our Team section of our website.

How do I find the school my child is supposed to attend?

The Bus Route Locator can identify the attendance zone and bus route for a given address.

How do I register my child in an MISD school?

For registration guidelines and necessary items for enrolling a child within MISD, please visit the Enrollment and Registration webpage.

How do I transfer my child to another campus?

Transfer requests for the upcoming school year must be received in the Office of Student Services (609 East Broad St.) by April 1. For complete details, visit the Transfers page.