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Great videos viewed by fellow and former KEEPS*PEEPS

Courtney Ridlehuber, Tipps Elementary -  Great videos about setting expectations from day one shared at the KEEPS Conference 2016.

Courtney Ridlehuber, Tipps Elementary - Video about silent signals in the classroom.

Carrie Pilant, Gideon Elementary- Great tips for teachers nervous about teaching writing

Nathan Wood-

Nathaniel Neugent-

Andrew Marsh, Danny Jones Middle School-

New Teacher Survival Guide: Dealing with students with ADHD

Lee Mooney-

This is a good video for giving brain breaks to early elementary students.

Kelly Carlson- Using Songs/Chants to help students retain skills and concepts

"Switch the Sign": An Algebra Song
Check out this classroom video on Teaching Channel. Teaching Channel is a video showcase-on the Web and TV-of inspiring teaching practices in America's public schools.

Cathy Nelms- Classroom Management video

Setting the Tone from Day One
Check out this classroom video on Teaching Channel. Teaching Channel is a video showcase-on the Web and TV-of inspiring teaching practices in America's public schools.

Tammy Edwards- Good information on differentiation with menus. It is geared toward social studies, but would also work for any content area.

Differentiating with Learning Menus
Check out this classroom video on Teaching Channel. Teaching Channel is a video showcase-on the Web and TV-of inspiring teaching practices in America's public schools

Andrew Marsh, Danny Jones Middle School-

Recording lesson and getting feedback

Shane Skinner, Legacy HS-

Values and Virtues: Symbolism in Art

This video connects art making with local history and culture. The video is helpful and goes into colour theory before the student begin creating the art.

Ashley Alloway-

Video Title: Using Debate to Develop Thinking & Speaking Skills


Critique: I liked the pair structure for the research partnership that is created in her debate. However, I was initially concerned about the debate only including 4 students. My concern was about what the other students are doing while the 2 pairs debate. I think that I would create a form for students to take notes on and also have them writing down questions as they arise. I also liked that the teacher discussed her grading method and her role in the debate.

Laure Pilgrim

This is an excellent video that instructs how to teach children to “show and not tell” in their writings. I will most definitely use this during the 2014-15 school year.

- Juan Garcia- Teaching channel does not have much on the teaching of Foreign Languages (I teach Spanish), so I watched a video called “Peer-to-Peer Tutoring”. I believe I can apply this technique in my classroom, pairing up students who did well on a test or quiz with those who did not. I believe it would be more useful that me going over a test for everybody, because the kids who passed would be bored listening to me and the ones who didn’t may not be paying much attention.

Jackie Bishop, BBCTA-


This video is a great explanation or how Project based learning works.


Shelly Burkett-

While this is quite lengthy, (30minutes) it is a good example of getting the students engaged and giving them all a role in their learning. The teacher gives each child a t-shirt with a number, variable, operation, etc. on it and they write equations using people. I found this video interesting and fun.

Michelle Showers-

As a high school math teacher, we actually use this process in our classroom for problem solving. This video would be a great way to help a new teacher understand the process as well as see how it could actually be used in the classroom. Just telling them what the process is and how to do it is not nearly as helpful as watching it in action.

Michelle Fagan, Legacy HS-

Title: Making DNA Concrete


Comments: Teacher uses several methods of "coding" to introduce students to the concept that DNA is a readable code, with active student involvement.

Susan Todd and Justin Dearing recommend this video!- Great for high school students. The students love being able to use their cell phones and the teacher can get a good idea of if they actually got the concept or not very quickly.

Annette Gonzales- The below titled video is a great hand on way to help kids understand how easy it is to spread pathogens. With the current Ebola outbreak happening, it bring is real world relevance to the topic.

Genese Rodriguez-

Classroom management – ideas for running centers smoothly

Christy Gilliland, Advisor, Asa Low Intermediate- - Writing Higher Order Questions - Tracking Behavior with a Number Line - My Teacher Look: Get Students Back on Track - New Teacher Survival Guide: Classroom Management

Katie Anderson, Advisor, Rendon Elem.-Kinder/1st Grades:

Getting the students attention 

Katie Anderson, Advisor, Rendon Elem.-All Grades:

Grouping/Work Stations 

Think Time/Collaborative Learning

Here is a cute video for “Whole Body Listening” for early elementary grades :

Maegan Cortez, 3rd grade teacher, Brown Elem.-

Here is a link for a great to build vocabulary while managing classroom transitions:

Shelley Stautzenberger, Advisor, Brockett Elem.- Body Language: Reinforcing Learning : using effective body language to reinforce learning

Margaret Leach, Advisor, Legacy HS-

Sometimes students waste time in class, but if the teacher allows wasted time by visiting with students or having off-task discussions, the minutes do add up!

Monica Miller, Advisor, CTIS- Writing Higher Order Questions

Becca Bazzy, Advisor, Holt Elem.- Collaborative Group Work with the 1-3-6 Protocol

PreK/K/FALS/PPCD-Daily sign in sheets

Jim Bennett, Advisor, DIIS-

Title: Literacy In Science: Word Clouds


Thought: Great tool to use with any subject to engage students. These also incorporate key literacy gaps students are missing!

Venetia Sneed,Director Human Resource Development/
KEEPS Program Developer-
Vocab Paint chips for High School-

Quick Checks

From the website lead4ward:

  • Fact or Fib Showdown- have students each write fact or fib on a sticky note or other sheet of paper. You call out a question and then say 3, 2, 1, showdown and students will etiher hold up or slap down fact or fib. An easy way for you to quickly see who got it right and who still needs help. 
  • Knock-Knock Test- Give review questions and have students knock 3 times if they understand or know how to do something. If you hear very few knocks you know you need to teach again!


Check out the lead4ward website or free app for more information and quick check ideas. 


Snowball fight! - Have each students write down 3 things they learned after a lesson or unit. Then the students have a snowball fight and after picking up 3 from the pile, they sit down with the last one they picked up. They can read what others learned and share at their table what others in the class learned. You would also do this with questions they still have. Students could then read aloud any questions they see that they might be able to answer. This is an easy way for the shy students to ask questions they still have without being called attention to.

Instructional Strategies

Websites we love!

Teaching Channel Feel free to logon, create a FREE account, and check out hundreds of videos for great tips on content specific instruction and educator professional growth.

Donors Choose - Need a new rug for your classroom, need reading supplies, could you use new reading or math games, iPads for your classroom...if any of these apply to you set up and write a Donors Choose project for your classroom! You can ask for just about anything to help your students be successful! 

NAEIR - A discount website for all those office and teaching supplies you buy all the time! Apply for free and check out the hundred's of pages of items you can get!


Interactive math games

Math learning center number pieces for elementary

Model and solve word problems for grades 1-3

Virtual fieldtrips courtesy of our Social Studies Department



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